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Various Artists
"Terror Firmer Soundtrack"
Finding an audio match for the Troma flick wasn't easy, but we managed to scrape together some blistering cuts from your favorite Go-kart bands as well as other stuff from Rocket From The Crypt, Bouncing Souls, Lunachicks, Down By Law, Vision Of Disorder, Sick Of It All, All, Ensign, Girls Against Boys, Melvins Toilet Boys and others that were too embarrassed to be listed.

1. Lunachicks -Terror Firmer
2. Less Than Jake -Cheese
3. Two Man Advantage -Surfing The Crowd
4. Sick Of It All -Stood For Nothing
5. Melvins -The Horn Bearer
6. Anti-Flag -Someone's Gonna Die Tonight
7. Ensign -15 Years
8. All -World's On Heroin
9. NOFX -Stranger Than Fishin
10. Gwar -Fucking an Animal
11. Vandals -An Idea For A Movie
12. Rocket From The Crypt -Heads Are Gonna Roll
13. Candy Snatchers -Pinto Pony
14. Under The Gun -Nowhere To Run
15. Southport -Pilot
16. Bouncing Souls -Argyle 1
17. Vision Of Disorder -In The Room
18. Down By Law -Fly The Flag
19. Toilet Boys -Phly 2000
20. Parasites -Hang Up
21. Girls Against Boys -Volume Kills
22. Doc Hopper -Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
23. Entombed -Amazing Grace


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