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Various Artists
"Go-Kart vs. the Corporate Giant Vol. 3"
The latest low priced Go-kart sampler and our best yet. Featuring songs from all your faves and more. Plus it comes with an amazing moving image cover!

1 Capture The Flag -Fly Like The Wind
2 Control -To My Love
3 Daycare Swindlers -Anne Greebie
4 Guff -Make A Difference
5 Toxic Narcotic -We're Not Happy Until You're Not Happy
6 Ifarm -If You Don't Watch Your Fingers You Can Type Much Faster
7 Pseudo Heroes -Hereditary Fault
8 Manda & The Marbles -Seduction
9 G.B.H. -Punk Rock Ambulance
10 Two Man Advantage -On Tour With An Idol
11 Heads Vs. Breakers -Caligynephobia
12 Varukers -Gun Crazed Kids
13 Revolution Summer -Qualitative Leap
14 Justin Sane -For Pat
15 Capture The Flag -The Zero Effect
16 INDK -In Decay
17 Sick On The Bus -Go To Hell
18 Brothers Of Conquest -Holy Transformation  
19 Anti-Flag -What's The Difference
20 Manda & The Marbles -Sex Object  
21 Ifarm -Superhuman Coliseum
22 Guff -Venomous Feminist
23 Icons Of Filth -Riddled With Guilt  
24 Lunachicks -Say What You Mean
25 Bantam -Come Undone  
26 Hellbenders -Long Though Away  
27 46 Short -Everybody's Running
28 Plan A Project -Locked Hearts And Hand Grenades
29 Leftover Crack -Rock The 40 Oz.
30 Star Strangled Bastards -Die


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