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"Drop Dead Live"
The Lunachicks live experience in the safe confines of your home! Boasting a cover of Iggy Pop's The Passenger along with a list of songs spanning their entire career, Drop Dead Live is an amazingly accurate representation of the Lunachicks live experience!

Available on one CD or 2XLP.

1. Yeah
2. FDS
3. The Day Squid's Gerbil Died
4. Gone Kissin'
5. Fingerful
6. Thrown It away
7. Don't Want You
8. Jerk Of All Trades
9. Wing Chun
10. Bitterness Barbie
11. Drop Dead
12. Donuts
13. The Passenger
14. Buttplug
15. Crash
16. Dear Dotti
17. "0%@!
18. Spoilt
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