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One of the most explosive street punk bands of the 1990s, Anti-Flag fuse melody with unbridled aggression and socially conscious lyrics. They’ve toured everywhere and have no plans to call it quits anytime soon. Pittsburgh's favorite anarchists have inspired young punks all over the world!

The Clash are an obvious band influence, but Anti-Flag add their own stamp to it, resulting in a sound that is as fresh and vital as the aforementioned band was in their prime.

Anti-Flag has toured with Rancid, Bouncing Souls, Rage Against the Machine, UK Subs, Swingin Utters, Avail, Sick Of It All, Propaghandhi and countless others. They also manage their own label, AF Records, whose roster includes Reagan Squad and The Unseen as well as some of their earlier releases.

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"A New Kind of Army"
A New Kind of Army
A New Kind of Army is Anti-Flag’s follow-up to their classic Die for the Government. Be forewarned: this album will permanently lodge itself into your brain. Just try to shake songs like Tearing Everyone Down, That's Youth, and Got the Numbers. It's not humanly possible!!! You'll be humming these unforgettable protest anthems for months.

1.Tearing Everyone Down
2.Captain Anarchy
3.A New Kind Of Army
4.That's Youth
5.No Apology
6.Got The Numbers
7.No Difference
8.I Don't Believe
9.Right On
10.What You Don't Know
11.Free Nation?
13.Police Story
14.The Consumer's Song
15.This Is Not A Crass Song



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"A New Kind of Army"

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