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Boris The Sprinkler

When you think of Green Bay, there is only one thing that comes to mind: it's the hometown of that zany punk rock band, Boris the Sprinkler. These pop culture abnormalities are so endeared in their hometown that the mayor has proposed to change the name of their obscure football team to "The Green Bay Sprinklers" and the name of the stadium to "Reverend Norb Field." Who the hell are Boris the Sprinkler, you may ask? Formed by vocalist and former Maximum Rock and Roll writer Reverend Norb in 1992, they were and still are influenced by the more zany side of punk rock music like the Dickies, the Rezillos and the Ramones. "Every talentless idiot like me," confides Rev. Norb, "learned how to play music by listening to The Ramones." (courtesy David A. Kulczyk, Maximum Ink)

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What does one say about Boris The Sprinkler? Front man Reverend Norb has said it all and more in his MRR and Hit List columns. This is the follow up to their Go-Kart debut "Suck", their new record "Gay" starts up right where the others left off. If you like the Ramones, cheese and punk you will love this.

1. Motherfucker Are You Ready To Rock
2. Y-V-V-Vette
3. No Longer
4. I Don't Really Want To Go To Taco Bell Without You
5. London Dogs
6. All The Kids Wanna Go To Bay Beach
7. Shave It
8. I Fell
9. Bang Trim
10. Huff Puff Train Song
11. Yeah Yeah Yeah
12. Girl Named Poison
13. I'm All Nerves



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Boris the Sprinkler

Boris The Sprinkler

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