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Band Information
Brothers Of Conquest

From the ashes of the once hard-hitting band the Hookers, comes Brothers Of Conquest. Former Hookers frontman Adam Neal (a.k.a. The Rock n' Roll Outlaw) was once the drummer of Nine Pound Hammer and a founding member of Nashville Pussy. After the Hookers demise, he wanted to put together a monster rock outfit that went further than just blurring the lines of metal and punk. Relocating from Lexington to Louisville, KY, he found the musicians to help start his master plan. Combining forces with another ex-Hooker and members of Starkiller and Crain, they began quickly and within six months began recording.

With the completion of "All The Colors of Darkness," Brothers Of Conquest knew they had created a rock and roll masterpiece that will capture the eyes and ears of both punks and metalheads. Anyone who has seen or heard the Hookers, know that their brand of, take no prisoners rock-n-roll was brutal and captivating. Brothers Of Conquest take it one step farther - High-energy performances with molten-metal guitars, searing vocals and majestically evil subject matter will let all those who are purveyors of false metal to hide in shame. Forget the fashion and the gutless poseurs who pretend to know what rock is - Brothers Of Conquest are here to take back the power from the fools who fake it. "All The Colors Of Darkness" will make you want to KILL FOR ROCK N' ROLL! DEATH TO FALSE METAL!

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"All The Colors Of Darkness"
Features ex-members of The Hookers and Nashville Pussy - DEATH TO FALSE METAL!

1. Kill For Rock ‘N Roll
2. Holy Transformation
3. Hot Southern Nights
4. Curse Of The Witch
5. Sweet Little Connie
6. Evil Realized
7. Monster Creator
8. Higher
9. Gravel Roads
10. Say Goodbye



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Brothers Of Conquest
"All The Colors Of Darkness"

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