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the Go-Kat


In June of 1996, I went with a friend to a shelter so she could adopt a cat. After being told by the ASPCA and BIDE-A-WEE that she was not qualified to adopt a cat, we went to the the City run shelter. I wanted my friend to adopt Murray, but she wanted a cute little kitten.

I asked the woman who was assisting us how long Murray had to before they were going to have to put him to sleep. Her answer startled me. She told me that he had less than an hour. Since he was a three year old cat, it was not easy to find him a home. Kittens received preferential treatment since everyone wants kittens.

I made a quick decision to adopt him and find him a good home and was charged a $5 adoption fee. Within days, Murray got sick, so I brought him to the vet for a "free visit." The doctor told me Murray just had a cold & not to worry. Another day passed and he hadn't eaten and looked like he was going to die.

Then I took Murray to a different vet this time. They told us he had an infection and would have to stay overnight. One night became one week and the $5 cat we adopted hoping to find him a home racked up $700 in vet bills.

After a week, the vet told us there was nothing more they could do, and to bring him home. She said Murray had a 50/50 chance to live. We had to feed him with a syringe for two weeks !! Amazingly, Murray survived. We put him to work as soon as he was feeling better.

Now he weighs 23 lbs and is on a diet. Murray has actually gotten fan mail, email and gifts. Murray is the most popular person at Go-kart. Upon entering our palatial offices, Murray will usually greet people at the door, and not let them pass until his head has been scratched to his satisfaction. He has been known to interrupt work and meetings if he has not had his head scratched enough. Murray's favorite activities are eating, sleeping and sitting on the computer keyboards.

Murray's musical taste is different than everyone else's at Go-kart. He actually likes country music and if a Dolly Parton song comes on, he makes a mad dash to the stereo and sits in front of the speaker. Of course, since no one else likes country music, we only put it on when he is here alone.

Weird fact: Murray got the name "Go-kat" from Dave Weston.


Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

Brown Tabby


Not enough kibble

Favorite Toy:

Favorite Nap Spot:
Kitty carry-all (cat carrier)

Favorite Food:
KIBBLE!!!! (Hill's Science Diet weight loss formula)

Meows until head is scratched sufficiently


Arrival Story:
We rescued Murray from a high-kill shelter in NYC on what was scheduled to be his last day on earth. We paid $5. Two days later, Murray was hospitalized with a double respiratory infection. After a week in the animal hospital, $800 in vet bills, and a postponed engagement ring, we brought him home and nursed him back to health. Murray has since gone on to international fame in the indie punk world -- to many, he's better known as the Go-Kat. He has received gifts and fan mail from as far away as Japan, and he is strangely drawn to the music of Dolly Parton (we think it has to do with his previous owner...)

Lives Remaining:
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