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No, they haven't broken up, so quit asking. After touring steadily for almost 10 years, the Lunachicks have decided they wanted some time to live like humans and relax. Can you blame 'em, since 1995 (when Jerk Of All Trades was released) the Lunachicks have toured with No Doubt, The Offspring (in Europe and America), Rancid, Marilyn Manson, Luscious Jackson, Rev. Horton Heat, NOFX, The Muffs, The Go-Go's, two tours of duty on the Warped Tour as well as numerous headlines tours of the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia.

So what's up next - stay tuned, we have some big plans in the works!

In the meantime Go-kart has reissued the Lunachicks impossible to find debut "Babysitters on Acid." We plan to release the Lunachicks home video "XXX Naked" on DVD later this year with the never before seen "Nowhere Fast" video.

So as we said above, stay tuned, 'cause with the Lunachicks you never now what is going to happen next.

If you want to see what Gina has bee doing in her spare time - check out her side project band called Bantam where she sings all the hits. There will be a Bantam track on the new Go-kart Vs The Corporate Giant 3 out this spring. To learn more about Bantam click here http://www.bonvolpe.com

And Theo has a side project as well - get all the news here at http://www.ilovetheo.com

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Babysitters On Acid"
The Lunachicks classic debut that has been out of print for years is finally available.

1. Jan Brady
2. Glad I'm Not Yew
3. Babysitters On Acid
4. Makin' It (With Other Species)
5. Mabel Rock
6. Theme Song
7. Born 2B Mild
8. Pineye Woman 665
9. Cookie Core
10. Octopussy
11. Sugar Luv
12. Complication



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