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Band Information

Willia van Houdt aka Wick Bambix: lead vocals, guitar
Peter Dragt: drums
Patrick Turner: bass

Here we go! What does Bambix sound like? Great! hardcore, punk, energy,
melody, pizza calzone sin carne. Incredible female vocals with and axework
of Willia van Houdt.
A combination of a medicine no doctor would ever give you, especially with
the new health insurance law. Imagine lyrics about what the world should be
like and never is. How people feel their asses are on fire but they can't
find water anywhere. How you wanna bang speed 24 hours a day but don't have
the time. Imagine a band that plays so tight the string in yr bum will snap.
That is when Patrick hasn't smoked too many spliffs.

Where? What? Bambix are a new band, well, kinda new. well, kinda not-so-old.
well, maybe kinda old-er. They played Brasil 4 times and are proud to be
real rockstars there with MTV coverage for over 30 million people. Played
big European festivals, like Deconstruction, Earect, Dynamo, Force Attack,
Primrock and minor toilets like the one at the Bijstand. Been around Europe
many times. Were the first foreign band to have the guts to play former
Yugoslavia after the war. Went back there in 2006 only to be sent back at
the border. Crossed that same border 24 minutes later anyway. Had 8 to 10
points out of 10 for reviews on their cd's in cool magazines like OX (D),
Visions (D),Aardschok (NL), Rock Brigade (Brasil), Plastic Bomb (D)
MaximumR&R (USA) played and toured with bands like Bad Religion, Fabulous
Disaster, GBH, Good Riddance, Ataris, Sepultura, Pennywise, Snuff, Snapcase,
Toy Dolls. Had the opportunity too to play support for BonJovi, but finally
they weren't asked for it. Guess Jon bon jovi didn't want patrick to get all
the girls. Are on GoKart Europe. Have 3 releases in Brasil. What's in A Name
has been released by Daemon Records in the USA and Canada. Now GoKart will
release Club Matuchek world wide from 19 sept. Bambix play some 100 gigs per
year all over the world. Never toured Mongolia, but comes the time then more
then willing to ride horses with fresh meat on the saddle instead of under

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Club Matuchek"
1. Spotlight
2. Revolution
3. Leaking Fuel
4. Fundamentalist
5. No Way
6. So Sorry Song
7. Flippin
8. Coupe Turn-Off
9. No. 1
10. Less Drunk
11. Jester
12. Bullet
13. Media Medusa


Press Quotes
"Melodic, inspired in terms of content, with a fiery drive." - Rocksound

"This is a marue sounding punk band. While the album is melodic its diverse sound doesn't get boring. I'd say this should appeal to fans of all types of punk.
Catchy Dutch-sters!" - Hardcore Times

“It really is an album full of catchy energy, raw parts mixed with melody and hooks, and topped with some honest forceful vocals.” – PunkUpdates
“A first-class effort and definitely worth a gander, "Club Matuchek" is a classic straight up punk album.” – EuroPunk
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"Club Matuchek"

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