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Band Information
Daycare Swindlers

The DAYCARE SWINDLERS are a 5-piece punk band from the Washington, D.C. area that formed in the mid-1990s. Rooted firmly in a classic DC hardcore background, their music reflects rockabilly, street-punk, surf and even a teensy-tiny bit of ska. After three prior releases on Vile Beat / Beatville Records, "Heathen Radio" is the bands' fastest, most assailing album to date. Go-Kart Records was fortunate enough to trick them into a multi-album contract after a recent tour with Leftöver Crack, but they've also shared the stage with dozens of awesome bands including the Supersuckers, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Unseen, Two Man Advantage, River City Rebels, Down by Law, Violent Society, the Pietasters, MDC, Toxic Narcotic, Spider Stacy (of the Pogues), and a whole lot more. Be warned… they'll be invading your town soon!

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Heathen Radio"
Melodic-aggressive punk from DC - these guys are on the road all the time so expect to see them soon!

1. Framed
2. Long Hard Road
3. IDK
4. Holy Suicide
5. The Man
6. Anne Greebie
7. Wolverine
8. It’s About Time That We Had A Change
9. S.O.S.
10. Slow Boat
11. Sand Box
12. U.S. or Bust


Press Quotes
"This is a very, very good album of punk music. Abandoning the choices that nearly every other band has used since the early nineties, these guys DON'T sing about girls and they DON'T rely on tired, southern California harmonies. Instead, these guys rock out in the fine tradition of The Stooges, Minor Threat, and even The Circle Jerks." - Ink19.com

"The DAYCARE SWINDLERS are about getting out there, giving it their all, and just kicking the shit out of the listener with potent pop-punk that is always razor sharp and hard to chew on."
- inmusicwetrust.com

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Daycare Swindlers
"Heathen Radio"

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