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Plan A Project

Plan A Project hails from the punk rock capitol of the world - New Jersey!  Yes, the Garden State has brought us some of the best punk rock - Misfits, The Feelies and Bouncing Souls to name a few.  And Plan A Project is here to continue carrying that torch.  They've been playing basements and VFW halls all over this country for almost 5 years now.  Raucous live shows featuring boundless energy and  their brand of straight-from-the-heart working class anthems have made them every punk rocker's dream band come true.  With their new self-titled CD (their second full length for Go-Kart), they've finally recorded the record which really captures what Plan A Project is all about - songs that will be stuck in your head the first time you hear them.  One listen and you're hooked.  But this ain't no sugar-coated poppy stuff.  This is the real deal - raw and highly-charged punk rock that brings back the heyday of the mid-80's explosion led by Operation Ivy and Rancid.  Look out for Plan A Project on tour.  They're geared to take over the world - and they just might!

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"Self Titled"
I can't tell you the amount of emails we get asking "when's the new Plan A Project coming out?" Well, it's here. It's been a long time since their debut full-length Spirit Of A Soldier, but it was well worth the wait. Chock full of sing-along anthems played with so much energy that your stereo may shed a few pounds while it's on. 14 Killer tunes about disaffected youth and the struggles of the working class. Bound to be part of the modern punk rocker's staple diet. Op Ivy, Rancid and Clash fans will eat this stuff up. Check the tour pages for upcoming shows.

1. Locked Hearts And Handgrenades
2. Sirens
3. Thanks Mom, You Taught Me Well
4. Danger
5. Red Devil
6. Generator
7. Take Back What's Yours
8. Jim Crow
9. Confrontation 101
10. Battleground
11. Play It Fucking Loud
12. Creeps Night Out



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Plan A Project
"Self Titled"

Plan A Project
"Spirit of a Soldier"

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