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Capture The Flag

Jeff Tuttle (vocals, guitar), Ryan King (bass), and Steve Kay (drums) have been best friends and band mates since their freshman year of high school when they started a pop-punk outfit called The Oven Mitts. As high school went by, the trio went through a musical metamorphosis and became Capture The Flag. This energetic trio combined the emotional fury of hardcore with the racing pulse of thrash-metal and an evident love of pop and power chords.

After two albums on hometown label Conquer The World, "Start From Scratch" marks a new beginning on their new label here at Go-Kart.

Capture The Flag is another new path in the evolution of punk rock. Post-hardcore inspired by the true "guitar-gods" of metal's yesteryears. The best description we've heard is "...imagine Bad Religion and Dag Nasty with Eddie Van Halen playing guitar!"

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