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Icons Of Filth

When some bands disappear, they are simply forgotten. Yet over the past two decades ICONS OF FILTH became legends among underground punks worldwide. Now they’re back with a new album that stands up to those early releases that set the standard for crusty, hardcore punk rock! Nostradamndedus features their trademark abrasive guitars and berserker vocals that confront capitalism, corporate greed and a gamut of social issues more timely and important today than ever before.

ICONS OF FILTH were brought onto the Mortarhate label by their friends in Conflict during the early 1980’s heydey of British anarchist punk rock scene that spawned Crass, the Varukers, and Discharge. Their lyrical concerns – anarchist politics, racism, animal rights, vegetarianism, corrupt government and economic injustice – are just as relevant and valid today as they were in 1983 and 1984. Go-Kart Records released their Mortarhate projects, previously only available as vinyl imports, on CD format in 2000.

Now, with Nostradamnedus, ICONS OF FILTH are as fresh and vital as ever, ready to remind an entire new generation of punks that society’s “progress” has a price!

“One of punk's most obscure – but no less important – musical heroes. If the juvenile humor and three chord antics of what passes for much of punk rock these days leaves you feeling unfulfilled, check out Icons Of Filth and get a healthy dose of old school hardcore, anarchist style.” - Mondogordo.com

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One of the greatest anarcho-punk bands of all time has returned with a brand-new album that stands up to their brilliant earlier releases. Icons of Filth are legends to legions of crusty punks around the world. This new one, their first release in years, features their trademark brash guitar and in-your-face vox. Their confrontational lyrics take to task capitalism, corporate greed, and a range of timely social issues.

1. Riddled With Guilt
2. Fast And Loose  
3. Just Won't Go
4. Plastic Wrap  
5. Treadmill  
6. Henry Ford  
7. Ghetto Of Disillusion  
8. Orators Of Mumbo Jumbo  
9. Flag  
10. Grind  
11. Perpetual Notion  
12. Nostradamnedus  
13. Airwaves



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Icons Of Filth

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