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Band Information
I Farm

Starting in Ithaca, NY in the mid-90's and then relocating to NYC's rock mecca of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I Farm are possibly the biggest band you haven't heard of yet. Relentless touring has garnered them a huge following in both North America and Europe. Both of their full lengths were released on labels that didn't do any advertising or promotion for the band, yet they still managed to sell 5000+ copies of each due to I Farm being out on the road 6 months out the year. Finally, the partnership with Go-Kart will make them a punk rocker's household name. Blazing metallic guitars, melodic sing-along choruses and highly intelligent lyrics make I Farm instantly likable. 2003, I Farm Is Lying To Be Popular, was recorded at the Blasting Room in Colorado where the Descendents and All record. Two years after this successful album was released worldwide, the band again recorded at the Blasting Room and are now releasing their fourth studio album adequatly titled “IV”. So hell, if you ever wanted to know how the Descendents in bed with Slayer sound, here’s the perfect soundtrack to it.

Releases On Go-Kart Records
1. Hung by the Bootstraps
2. G Samsu
3. To Lose Tourette's
4. Land of the Lost
5. I Hit My Head
6. Rayuela
7. Gurus
8. Dolphin Fight
9. Doomed
10. Irrational Number
11. My Revenge
12. Syntax Error
13. This is not a Test
14. Knucklehead



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I Farm

I Farm
"I Farm Is Lying To Be Popular"

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