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Punk music would not be what it is today without the contributions of Weston. As one of the first bands to successfully integrate punk rock with melodic elements and sincere lyrics, Weston paved the way for the brand of melodic punk rock that is huge today. “Got Beat Up” and their debut full length “Real Life Stories of Teenage Rebellion” remain two of the finest pop-punk records of all time.

Named after guitarist Dave Weston's parents (for allowing the band to rehearse in their basement), the self-deprecating punk band Weston formed in 1990. Like few bands before them, Weston tapped into the emotions of teen-angst, surviving high school and first crushes and turned those into some of the catchiest songs ever written.

After the release of “Got Beat Up”, the bassist/singer Chuck Saltern left the band and future releases were more Pixies-esque and less Descendents-like then the early releases.

At one point, it looked like Weston was going to be huge; there wrote better songs than Blink-182 and were a hundred times more fun. But conflicts within the band drove Weston to an early grave. If Greg ever writes the Go-kart book he has promised us, the chapters on Weston will be one of the most interesting.

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"The Stepchildren of Rock"
Live split CD and double LP from two of pop/punk's finest. Pop punk conoisseurs take note.Weston live at the Pipeline in New Jersey on April 8, 1997 with Chuc, Jim, Dave and Jeremiah:

1. Teenage Love Affair
2. Retarded
3. Me and Rene
4. No Kind of Superstar
5. Just Like Kurt
6. Mrs. Perfect Girl
7. Just Like You
8. Superbus 23
9. Little Mile
10. My Favourite Mistake
11. Varsity Sweater
12. Feet
13. New Shirt
14. Heather Lewis
15. Feelings Stupid Feelings
16. Mr. Lazo

Doc Hopper live at Loeb Student Center at NYU in NYC on May 28, 1997 with Chris, John, Greg and Matty:

1. Altonna
2. Shortsheeted
3. Melcher
4. Loaner
5. Melior
6. Ceremony for a Fat Lip
7. Sunny Girlfriend
8. Kiosk
9. She's a Cokehead
10. Statler
11. Spiccoli
12. Zapruder Frame 313



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Weston/Doc Hopper
"The Stepchildren of Rock"

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