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Band Information
Manda And The Marbles

The attitude is 1970’s punk rock, with Manda citing the Ramones and 999 as personal faves, but the songs invoke female-fronted legends of the 80’s such as the Go-Gos and the Bangles. In the present tense, their contemporaries include note worthies like the Briefs, Evil Beaver and the Epoxies. MANDA & THE MARBLES can even brag about having opened for the legendary Elvis Costello! The band also also appeared on the Fields and Streams compilation (alongside bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) released by Kill Rock Stars in 2002.

Irresistible pop-punk music with sultry vocals is what MANDA & THE MARBLES have perfected, yet Manda refuses to be written off as a blonde airhead archetype. Her defiantly rugged bass lines punctuate the crunch of Joe A. Dama'ge’s guitars, and Mark Slak keeps everything tight behind a fury of drumsticks. This band isn’t just eye candy.

More Seduction is everything you could want out of a rock n’ roll album from any decade. It’s fast, catchy, smart and sexy- a disc that demands a start-to-finish sing along at every single spin. Amidst all the rock-culture referencing of the 70’s & 80’s, MANDA & THE MARBLES could be the band to name-drop for the new century!

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"More Seduction"
This is one of Go-kart's greatest releases! Manda and The Marbles write some of the most irresistible pop-punk you’ve ever heard, designed to bring back memories of bands like the Go-Gos, Holly & the Italians and Missing Persons! Simply put - they rule. Check this CD out now!

1. Dangerous
2. Forget About The Day
3. Wanna Go Home
4. Left Behind
5. Through
6. Fast Cars
7. Sex Object
8. Hey!
9. Dead By Dawn
10. Sudden Attraction
11. Broken Youth
12. Seduction


Press Quotes
“Seduction has all the potential to be your favorite new album” - girlpunk.net

“Amazing female fronted power pop with slashing distorted guitars blazing out the killer hooks and a sultry voice that will make you fall in deep deep lust.” - Mutant Pop

“Manda Marble is Molly ringwald, Joan Jett and Jessica Rabbit rolled into one. Only taller. And blonde.” - The Other Paper

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Manda and The Marbles
"More Seduction"

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