GO-KART RECORDS is one of New York's longest running outlets for independent music. Since 1994, we have brought bands like ANTI-FLAG, THE LUNACHICKS, BUZZCOCKS, TOXIC NARCOTIC and many more to the forefront of the punk scene. Now, continuing the long history of bucking trends and blazing trails, GO-KART RECORDS is very proud to announce the release of the GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY this November 4th. Not only is this an awesome compilation CD with 300 songs from 150 bands, it's also the FIRST EVER commercially sold MP3 CD.

Again, that's 300 songs from 150 bands (all CD quality MP3s) on two CDs for only $9.99!

The story behind the MP300: As reported by IDG (International Data Group), "MP3" has replaced the term "sex" as the most popular search category on the Internet. This reinforces the importance MP3 technology has acquired in recent years, especially since file sharing and p2p (peer to peer) websites like Napster opened up a new direction in music distribution. By reacting with raised CD prices instead of seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies, the music business has largely slept through the digital music revolution. Rather than blame declining sales on piracy like the rest of the music industry has done, GO-KART RECORDS has decided to exploit the situation to its fullest potential. The music industry's future lies in new technologies like MP3s, and it's about time that musicians and record labels began looking forward instead of just trying to cover their own collective behinds!

The GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY symbolizes more than just an adaptation to the changes in technology and consumers' demands. For the label, it represents the freedom to develop music without the constraints of the music industry establishment. The relationship between artist and consumer MUST be more interactive, independent, and rewarding for everyone involved.

With the GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY, GO-KART has availed themselves of the advances in hardware and software to promote these one hundred and fifty artists and their music more effectively. The CD features music of many different styles within the punk & hardcore genres. With this new compilation at the special price of $9.99, music fans have the opportunity to explore many different bands, including well-known artists like ANTI-FLAG, BOUNCING SOULS, AVAIL, SICK OF IT All, DAG NASTY, SHAI HULUD, and THE MOVIELIFE, as well as new and underground groups such as THE SPADES, VIRUS NINE, and THE A.K.A.S!

The GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY is an interactive, enhanced double CD with a virtual MP3 player that allows listeners to gather further band information (including links to the labels' and artists' websites) on their computer. Also included are info sheets on how to burn these MP3s to an audio CD!

This double CD will not play in standard CD players. It will, however, play in CD-MP3 players, which are becoming more and more common. Of course, it works perfectly in a computer, too!

Why spend hours online searching for and downloading songs? Now you check out 150 bands you may or may not have heard of, saving yourself a lot of time, money, and aggravation! The GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY is the fast track to new music!

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